The U.S. is the only country where 18, 19 and 20-year olds can’t drink alcohol. They are socially deprived because they can’t go to nightclubs where liquor sales drive the business and rule nightlife. They are ignored until they turn 21, with little  social and entertainment opportunities.

Ezio opened XENON Salt Lake an alcohol-free, 18-and-over dance club with a capacity of 1,750, targeting the demographic. XENON Video. It  regularly sold out during the 16 years it operated. It was followed by XENON Boise  equally successful.

Our customers are the college population and the young work force. In a metro area of one million, there are 37,500 in the demographic with over 10,000 new ones entering annually and we are the only game in town. XENON is a venue with a high energy, sensory-driven, experience where admission/membership is the main source of revenue.

Ezio Valentini, CEO of the Hawk Group, specializes  in the acquisition of large (over 1,000) dance clubs that have failed, retrofit them to alcohol-free, EDM-themed, European-style dance clubs, aimed at the college population and young work force. The model simplifies a night club operation by eliminating the liability, costs and logistics of serving food and alcohol and reducing, drastically, hours of operation. The current project expands a chain of XENON-branded dance clubs following two successful ventures. 

Today, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) rules and social media allows for fans of various genres of EDM devotees to assemble, electronically, and are easily reachable. XENON, as an EDM-themed club, uses social media to build a following, a membership based on the music and the artists that create it, before opening  and insure an opening-night sell out. Traditional advertising is eliminated

A New Musical, Dancing and Social Experience  

Ezio Valentini trained, as part of his family business, to build and operate large discotheques, including ALTROMONDO, in Rimini, Italy. He became a real estate developer, in the U.S., and believed the 18, 19 and 20-year old demographic could be targeted by bringing the European disco experience to the U.S. and have success without liquor sales

XENON Reno, a Real Estate/Entertainment Venture

“We acquire a property, change it to a use that generates cash flow,

while increasing substantially the value of the real estate.”